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Light 22 Streams of Hope

/Light 22 Streams of Hope

13:28 Tuesday 27 September

Hope runs as a stream in the most unusual places. read more
Two Stories Meet

/Two Stories Meet

11:54 Friday 16 September

Two stories meet in the field below the mountain. One begins with a refugee’s reflection: ‘Some of you are hunters, you know what is it to be on the hunt. I grew up on the other side of that story. I was the one being hunted.’ read more
Light 21 Raising Hope

/Light 21 Raising Hope

02:50 Thursday 15 September

If we don't learn to transform the rubbish in our lives, we'll be buried far too young. read more
Light 20 Into ArtPrize

/Light 20 Into ArtPrize

21:27 Friday 6 May

I’ll be showing ‘Cluster of Light’ at ArtPrize 2016. I’m pretty fired up about this one. read more
Light 19 Studio Beginnings

/Light 19 Studio Beginnings

03:15 Friday 6 May

My studio floor is filling up with some of the canvases I’m working on this week. read more