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Creativity Ten Books

/Creativity Ten Books

11:49 Saturday 27 September

Here’s a list and brief description of 10 books that have shaped my thinking on creativity:

Creativity(Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi) – Penetrating research and insight on the psychology of discovery and invention

The Art of Innovation(Tom Kelley) – stories of invention and design in business

The Way of Innovation(Kaihan Krippendorff) – powerful framework for understanding The Five Elements of Change in bringing innovation to market

How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas(Chris Barez-Brown) – boatful of exercises to get the creative mojo going

The Art of Possibility(Rosamund and Benjamin Zander) – opens the eyes of the heart to a generous and receptive way of being

Steve Jobs (Walter Isaacson) – Isaacson gets inside Jobs’ head to reveal the dynamic forces getting played out the life in a creative genius

The Inner Game of Tennis(Timothy Galway) – Reveals a key insight regarding the mental framework for creative excellence under pressure

The Power of Full Engagement(Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz) – Creative output is about managing energy, not time.

Rainbows for the Fallen World(Calvin Seerveld) – understanding art and design in the context of its role in society, shaping a way of life

Teach your children how to think (Edward De Bono) – The starting point of about 10 of his books impacting me, an introduction to the methodology of creative thinking

What book comes to your mind? Post a book title here to add to this list of creative resources. Let’s get a good list going.