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Light 13 Emergent

/Light 13 Emergent

21:03 Thursday 3 March

Those who have strong conviction will lead with more focus, more intensity, and more endurance.

No one can lead others into what they do not believe themselves. 


Yet how does one nurture such conviction?

It’s not just the circumstances that are in upheaval

But also the confusing mind game of uncertainty

That melts conviction in a fog of inertia


The lighthouse emerges from strokes of passion

Its strength anchors a hillside

Fearless on the precipice edge


Its light not merely its own

Bathed in heaven’s gold

It finds its voice


Enjoined in a heavenly participation

The emergent leader is also a true follower

(inspired by ‘True Leadership’ produced by the Habiger Institute)


The painting shown here is 'Emergent' (36" x 48"). Oil and Acrylic on canvas.