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Light 16 Hands on a Dying Man

/Light 16 Hands on a Dying Man

10:49 Saturday 26 March

 " ... to make an end is to make a beginning.The end is where we start from."   (TS Eliot)

During a special Good Friday school assembly at the Potter’s House I sculpted a painting of the crucifixion, nearly life size, using only my hands as the brush.

Although I moved at pace (completed in just over 4 minutes), it became a powerful meditation for myself as I did it, and the students as they were drawn into the experience.

I spoke briefly afterwards, reflecting on the tragedy of Man rejecting God, and the power of God forgiving Man.

As I spoke about the questioning in our own hearts – where is God in the midst of my suffering, loneliness and struggle? – I could see students eyes engaged.

I’m getting to know their stories, many have experienced profound loss of parents and family as they fled across Africa or Central America and ended up as displaced orphans. I can’t even imagine such suffering as a child.

Somehow the experience of painting that crucifixion image yesterday allowed me to touch more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. I sensed the great passion of that act of love. I also sensed more deeply the purpose for why he chose that end.

Christ died not merely as an heroic expression of love, but much more profoundly to provide a new beginning for those who enter into that mystery of faith.

Christians celebrate the rest of the story tomorrow on Easter Sunday – the Resurrection. Christ gives us the opportunity to start again, today. On the cross there is healing and forgiveness.

I am seeing more and more the cost involved in such a new beginning out of suffering.

I am also seeing the reality of its power to release amazing people back into the purpose and love for which they were created.