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Light 18 In Search of a Smile

/Light 18 In Search of a Smile

14:09 Wednesday 4 May

‘Give me a smile. Your smile releases endorphins to get you ready for the day. Who’s ready?’ (John Booy)

For some children, each day they need to reboot the system to get started well. Perhaps that’s true for all of us.

I’m back in Grand Rapids - the image shown here is the logo I designed for the John Booy Heritage Circle (a program to provide on-going support to the Potter’s House school).

The logo was introduced last Tuesday at the Potter’s House Annual Banquet – a great event highlighting a remarkable educational project.

My creative challenge was to create an image that captures the distinctive quality of the school. The morning routine of Mr. Booy greeting each child by name caught my attention (that’s about 300 kids each day!).

That simple gesture says so much: The daily commitment of the staff, the attention to the individuality of each child, the concern for their welfare in search of a smile, and the discipline of each child waiting their turn.

Education builds on the foundation of the school’s culture. Culture is rooted in the example of the leaders.