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Light 20 Into ArtPrize

/Light 20 Into ArtPrize

21:27 Friday 6 May

I’ll be showing ‘Cluster of Light’ at ArtPrize 2016. I’m pretty fired up about this one.

ArtPrize is recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet according to The Art Newspaper, and was recently highlighted in The New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2016.

There could be over 500,000 people checking out the art here in Grand Rapids over the three weeks of the event (September 21 - October 9).

I’m showing at a perfect-fit venue as well. It’s called ‘Peaches’, a beautiful large Michigan sanctuary of a place, now a B & B. It will host 24 artists. It’s big.

The host and the artists are teaming up to make this a destination venue. It’s been a hotspot venue in the past and we’re building on the reputation with BBQ’s, refreshments, and all kinds of things going on.

It all sounds like a 3 week party in a beautiful and creative atmosphere. 

Plan to get over to Grand Rapids between September 21 and October 9. I’d love to see you at Peaches.

You’ll be hearing more about all this closer to the time.