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Light 21 Raising Hope

/Light 21 Raising Hope

02:50 Thursday 15 September

If we don't learn to transform the rubbish in our lives, we'll be buried far too young.

This past August, The Potter’s House School students worked with a local family in Agua Prieta, Mexico to build their new home.

Students laid bricks and sifted sand. They dug the new sewage system with a dented shovel.  Adeline spread plaster on the walls. The plaster was like the other building materials, made from the stuff of the earth lying around the place.

They took what seemed like junk and turned it into a home. And they worked alongside the family that would move in, along with the neighbourhood kids that gathered around the project.

Hearts were won over, both ways. Something more than a building was created – a long reach of friendship.

Back in Grand Rapids these same students are stepping back into a work site, and partnering with staff and students to create the Christ-centered learning environment of the new high school.

The mosaic “Raising Hope” has taken discarded materials from the high school work site to create this portrait of the kids the students knew in Mexico.