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Two Stories Meet

/Two Stories Meet

11:54 Friday 16 September

Two stories meet in the field below the mountain.


One begins with a refugee’s reflection:

‘Some of you are hunters, you know what is it to be

on the hunt. I grew up on the other side of that story.

I was the one being hunted.’


The other begins with a gift:

A small child receives a small stuffed moose with delight,

the grandfather thus christened ‘Papa Moose’.


The playing fields of each are filled with significance.


Each finding their way as through a maze;

exploring, questioning, testing, and learning.

Their heart and mind in this search together.


The refugee is now an adult. As a child she slept under tree roots.

Each day on the run. Her journey through wilderness

grew a deep-rooted faith. She saw God’s grace unfolding.

She learned love.


The second story is just beginning.