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Light 22 Streams of Hope

/Light 22 Streams of Hope

13:28 Tuesday 27 September

Lebanese pines stretch toward heaven as my soul longs for God. Thinned out, few remain. Yet they are elegant in their subtle strength.

Rains of grace water a torn landscape; shredded, tumultuous. Through brokenness streams of living water animate a desert. How can such beauty emerge from such a devastation?

I heard news from a Christian community holding firm in the midst of Aleppo Syria.

The city of devastation. Now it is no longer easy to forgive, to be tolerant, to be polite and civil. Life now in the city is characterized by deep fear, entrenched despair, vicious pursuit for the basic necessities. Even those leaders who are supposed to help no longer do. Anxious living is the order of the day. This day, every day.

Yet a Syrian women with an enthusiasm that cannot but reveal deep courage and confidence, exclaimed: “Every day we are seeing the miracles of God”. Her husband, a successful businessman and community leader with a big shepherd’s heart nodded his head in agreement.

“Today we seek to be more like Jesus and take on the character of God.” They live each day in a counter-culture of love and service.

There’s a profound beauty that emerges from those who stand in the press of trial, and a faithfulness that glistens like jewels.

Hope runs as a stream in the most unusual places.