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Light 18 In Search of a Smile

/Light 18 In Search of a Smile

14:09 Wednesday 4 May

‘Give me a smile. Your smile releases endorphins to get you ready for the day. Who’s ready?’ (John Booy) read more
Light 17 Open Path

/Light 17 Open Path

11:43 Wednesday 6 April

In some recent paintings I’ve returned to my Scottish theme. The image shown here, ‘Open Path’, is the first one completed. read more
Light 16 Hands on a Dying Man

/Light 16 Hands on a Dying Man

10:49 Saturday 26 March

" ... to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." TS Eliot read more
Light 15 Work in Process

/Light 15 Work in Process

08:45 Friday 18 March

The creative process happens in a conversation as well as on a canvas. read more
Light 14 Authenticity

/Light 14 Authenticity

11:34 Tuesday 8 March

For Abstract Expressionists, the authenticity or value of a work lay in its directness and immediacy of expression. The gesture, the artist’s “signature,” is evidence of the actual process of the work’s creation. (Stella Paul) read more
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