Here's some of the questions that often come up. Please contact me if you have something else in mind.

Also a word of thanks here to my photographer John Cairns, he knows how to capture great images. 


I am interested in purchasing one of your works, what’s the next step?

Send me a note from the contact page and let me know which one(s) you're interested in. I'll get back to you with a phone call or email (send me your phone number if you'd prefer that), we can then discuss whatever would be helpful.

Do you do commissions?

Yes I do commissions, but on a selective basis. I need to balance my work load and other commitments with the challenge of a commissioned piece. I've done fascinating projects ranging from symbolic family icons to large scale pieces for business conference rooms.

I want to get a print of one of your paintings, what do I need to do?

I make prints to order using professional quality giclee printing methods on artist quality paper. Contact me and let me know the image you are interested in and the size you would like. I'll get in contact with you regarding options for price, timing and shipping options for getting it to you. I can also arrange for framing if you'd like.

I would like to use one of your images for a publication. What are the arrangements for this?

Let me know what image you'd like to use and what you'd use it for. We can discuss financial arrangements and I can send you a high resolution image. These images have been used for cards, announcements, and business publications.

How can I see your work first hand?

Come along to one of my exhibitions (check out my blog for information on what's coming up). Let me know through the contact page as well. It's possible to arrange to stop by my studio in Acton. We'd need to arrange this ahead of time.

Do you do workshops?

I run workshops periodically, often using my studio space in St. Mary's church for a small group. Let me know if you're interested, and also keep an eye on the blog space for coming events.

How do you find time to paint in the midst of everything else you're involved in?

It's like the art of juggling, I focus on the ball in hand. What I mean by this is that I plan ahead to create time for my creative work. It's often in early morning, even before breakfast, or in the evening after dinner. When that time comes, I'm fully engaged. I put on my paint splattered trousers, ride my bike to my studio, welcome the sweet smell of turps and linseed oil, and shift my attention to visual awareness by looking over work in process or images from other artists. When I'm ready I get stuck in. A few times a year I take an extended time, like a week or so, for full engagement as an artist. During these weeks I often launch a new series.