/Jamie Treadwell - The coach

Jamie is an internationally experienced creator, builder, and leader of transformational organisations and projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He co-founded and directed the national award-winning charity Youth Initiatives in the difficult context of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. He is a proven leader, team builder, and catalyst for excellence.

Building on 30 years experience in leadership he is an accredited Personal Performance Coach and Corporate/Executive Coach with The Coaching Academy, each achieved with distinction.

He is an expert in strategic creative process, facilitating discovery of useful paradigms for problem-solving and innovation. He provides powerful tools for capturing vision and applying it  for personal and organisational development. 

Jamie has in-depth experience in a variety of social and economic situations, including raising up local teams and passing on leadership in three continents. Young people in his programmes have won national leadership awards. World experts have repeatedly engaged his coaching services.

He is an urban monk involved in Christian community. He lives a deep value based lifestyle and knows the dynamics of sustaining close inter-personal relationships.