Here are some examples of recent work I have completed for clients, and its impact.

"Jamie helped me articulate the reconciliation strategy model I’d been struggling to create. His questions and insights helped me define the problem and untangle my ideas, and then he led me through an exercise to design my model. I reached out to Jamie because I was stuck. I now have a clear and confident approach for a new product and I just signed my first client to launch it."

Jonty Herman, Director, ICSY


"I sought out Jamie as a coach to maximize my personal impact as a leader influencer in business development and to create success within my team. I oversee the Business Development team and manage relationships with community and economic development stakeholders. I am one year into my role, getting traction and see increasing leadership responsibilities in the future.

Jamie gave me new insights into how to capture and use vision, using tools such as Catalyst Questions and Vision Snapshots. In each session I used these tools for relevant applications. I’m already seeing good results and have new ways of working. 

Also, I really appreciated Jamie’s approach to coaching. Our conversations were about more than just my professional development, Jamie saw me as a whole person with my own personal responsibilities, desires, doubts, and fears. Our conversations were always led by his questions and his questions are thoughtful, insightful, complimentary, and challenging. He helped me reflect on my answers and reasoning to enable me to forge forward.

I highly recommend Jamie as a coach for anyone seeking to grow in their leadership capabilities."

Tyler A. Rossmaessler, Director, Economic Development, FLINT & GENESEE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE


"Jamie served as a sounding board, a coach, encourager, critical friend, idea and thought generator in the development of my programme Know the Score®. 

Of particular value was the way he walked with me in the creative development of the programme - he had a remarkable ability to synthesise my thoughts and ideas and structure them. He asked brilliant questions which helped me focus. 

Jamie is a master at learning through metaphor. Drawing on his expertise as an artist, where he paints a subject as a metaphor for something deeper, he helped me understand how people learn through metaphor. This input is something we still use today as we talk through the theory of how people learn when we use the symphony orchestra in the corporate world as a powerful example of a high performing diverse teams. 

Jamie’s humility is extraordinary and a real virtue. He did not “hold” onto his ideas or push something if it did not fit - rather he served and contributed - this built a high level of trust between us. 

I would recommend Jamie as someone who can really help a business leader shape new ideas, and build momentum."

Ben Hines, Founder, MovingPerformance


"Training to me is a character shaping and life changing activity, and not just a platform for accumulating new knowledge. I participated in the Strategic Creativity seminar presented by Mr. Jamie Treadwell and Dr. Mariam Shebaya with minimal expectations, as I thought to myself it was just one more management seminar among the tens that I already had in my long business life. Contrary to my expectations, this workshop turned out to be a transformational experience that changed many of my well-established paradigms. I always thought of creativity as a God-given talent and not as a competency that can be developed. This seminar showed me that creativity in the strategic context is a skill that can be enhanced and taught to others, via a sequential thinking process and a set of management tools. I do recommend this seminar to any manager seeking a new vision of the business environment and the management process."

Nabil J. Semaan, Head of HR & Administration, First National Bank, Beirut, Lebanon


"When I first registered for the StrategiCreativity seminar, I didn’t see how it would be directly helpful for me. I thought it would just give me some ideas to talk about with my coach. Boy, was I wrong … it completely turned around the way I’m approaching my business, and two weeks later I already see the benefits.

I run an IT consultancy business which faces many problems in convincing the client's workers that technological changes are for their benefit. I found out that I had been going about the whole thing the wrong way (my way wasn’t working). At the seminar I learned how I should handle the 'challenge' I was facing with my clients. I learned how to visualize the ‘better’ outcome and keep that image of success in mind as I planned my strategy. The Walkthrough tool enabled me to think of all the possible scenarios/questions/excuses that client representatives would use, and effectively 'solve' that excuse for them, using their language. At the seminar I realized my list of PRO’s and CON’s were directed to my business or to the decision-maker, and I needed to make them also relevant to the end-user.

Two weeks later, I can say that I have started to market myself differently. I expect that the strategies learned and the work that I will be doing will give me the needed push to finally get the employees to want to use the solution.

Most of all, I got a huge 'push' from the seminar. I recommend it for anyone who is in need of a fresh perspective on the daily problems we face in work. I assume that would be almost anyone. Thank you Mariam and Jamie for offering me the opportunity to improve my business strategy."

John Fahd, ITegrators


"I approached Jamie with a wobbly wheel problem. Twelve years in, I found myself driving a fast-paced organization, dealing with unprecedented growth, with a personally rewarding mission and impact, and yet... struggling with the proper alignment of my personal mission/purpose with a clear sense of how I could best apply my strengths within my organization and in my personal life.

Jamie, in his uniquely creative approach, helped me to honestly assess my strengths, better understand the internal distractions that keep me from achieving my best, and helped me forge a clear statement of purpose and vision, along with concrete tools I will use moving forward to stay aligned and focused. Both the process and outcome were enjoyable, challenging and extraordinarily fruitful, providing me with renewed focus, clarity, and energy both at work and at home. The immediate fruit of our work together was exciting to see and I look forward to a long-lasting harvest.

I recommend Jamie to anyone who thinks they could use a leadership tune-up."

Chris Larson, Vice President and Senior Regional Director, City Year


"Jamie is one of the most inspirational people I have worked with. He has an amazing ability to analyse and discern individuals, teams and organisations. As well as good analytical skills he has a remarkable ability to create interventions that can be truly transforming. He is also a real connector who can bring diverse people together and create a fantastic party. If you are offered the chance to work with Jamie, don't miss it!"

Roger Preece, Owner of Thinking Life. 
Former Managing Director of Capco, now vicar of Bowdon.


"My work with Jamie Treadwell has helped provide balance and perspective along with tools to help me be more effective and alive (in my work and home life). Specifically the transition, planning and state management tools have enabled me to be more sharply focused during time of critical deliverable work."

Andrew Rodgers, Insurance Country Manager, HSBC Bank - Egypt.



"I have found the sessions with Jamie Treadwell to be very beneficial. We developed a series of processes together to help set objectives, review progress and ways to identify new opportunities. Jamie helped to identify interruptions to the delivery of objectives and ways to overcome these interruptions including better communication of the objectives."

Richard Reilly, Professor of Neural Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin.


"Jamie's seminar helped me identify some of the areas my company needs to emphasize to be successful and to come up with concrete ways to achieve this."




Arthur Delargy, Managing Consultant, OAG Energy Consulting.


"Jamie quickly helped me to see the project from a different perspective. His experience and ability to help one find the heart of the problem was very useful indeed".

Todd Green, Senior Project Developer, FremantleMedia.


"Jamie Treadwell's vision seminar blows the dust off the word 'vision' to reveal its core and releases the power of imagination in a way which brings clarity, understanding, focus and strength. Jamie is an inspiring, naturally gifted coach who is sincere and passionate about seeing people achieve their vision."

Lucinda Lloyd Eason, Actress and Playwright.

"I have been using the input from the seminar in my work as a composer. Especially the 'vision snapshot' tool has been useful and the 'walk through' exercise has made it easier to find my best performance moments."

Sven Nygaard, Composer.