Know the Score is a world-class leadership development programme which enables businesses to fine tune their performance through the experiential metaphor of a symphony orchestra.  Jamie is an Associate of Moving Performance in delivering this unique opportunity in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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StrategiCreativity seminar provides in-depth learning and discovery of one’s creative capacity, and how to harness this for business performance. Participants learn techniques through a variety of dynamic exercises, and then apply these techniques to their own ‘case study’ challenges and opportunities. Game-changing ideas are the ones buried beneath the surface. We teach the attitude shift and the practical skills to tap into creative potential.

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Golden Thread life performance coaching focuses on the individual. Our work together enables a thorough self knowledge and application of effective processes and bespoke tools for sustained quality of life and performance. I take on a small number of clients so that I can give them focused attention. My co-active approach has proven to be highly effective.

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Breakthrough Tools workshops equip professionals requiring strategic creativity in their work. Individuals and teams generate fresh perspectives and possible solutions in an area of their interest. Practical results in shaping vision, problem solving, or product development. 

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