Here are some of the questions I'm often asked. Please contact me for further information. 

I'm interested. What next?

Send me a note from the contact page to give me a brief introduction of your area of interest. We'll arrange a free consultation discussion to explore how best to work together, clarifying options, approach, and investment fee.

I noticed from the Events page that you work with some interesting partner organisations. Do you also do 121 or team coaching?

I am available to work 121 or with teams. Also my Vision, Goal, and Strategic Creativity seminars are effective for targeted leadership training. 


Tell me more about your coaching approach

Using a collaborative coaching approach, I work with clients to identify primary areas for focus, and design with them individualised strategies for attaining them. Our work together aligns motivation and effort to achieve goals. The client learns from the change process that produces best performance so that continuous improvement extends beyond the coaching intervention.

Do you work internationally?

I work internationally, continuing to work with clients in Europe while being based in the USA. These sessions are conducted on phone or Skype.